Frequently Asked Questions...






Why should I live at Londonderry Oaks? Several reasons.  We have been updating our units to a more contemporary look.   We are very conveniently located to Denton proper and the freeway but it is very quiet in our community.   The pool is very popular in the summer.   Foremost, we hope we have the best and most helpful office staff who truly enjoy people and taking good care of residents and residents’ needs.


How about pets? Absolutely.  Pets under 40 pounds are welcome; there are some breed restrictions.  Pet deposits are fully refundable.

How do I get a maintenance need to be met?  Easily. Just come by the office and we’ll fill out a quick form for you to get prompt attention.  If there is a problem getting to the office, call 940-387-0313.


What do I do if I have an emergency maintenance need?  There are maintenance technicians on call 24 hours a day if you have emergent needs.


How is public transportation?  It is quite good.  DCTA Route #1 passes right by our front door at Londonderry Oaks Apartments, and there is a regional 21-mile train route that connects with downtown Dallas. 


How do I find out where my children will go to school when I move into Londonderry?  This is easily done.  In the office, we keep the phone number for Denton School district.  By the way, it is 940-369-0000.


When is rent due? On the first of the month.  It is not considered late until the 4th of the month. Late fees are $50 on the 4th and $10 per day until paid in full.


Do you have resources for renter’s insurance?  Yes.  Residents often use the company they have used in the past, but we have information available.


What are the pool hours?   10 AM to 10 PM 


Are there apartments with washer dryer connections?  Yes, a number of units have them.   Laundry facilities are conveniently located and well maintained if you wish to use them.

What utilities do I pay? Electric is through the City of Denton, 940-349.8700 to contact them. Renter's insurance is required, you choose the company and it can be as low as $5 per month.  Water is paid to us at the office.